22 juin 2010

feelings are

combination of my wife and I also by accident. Since living MBT Shoeswith Mom and Dad, also seemed a little something

romantic, and less some ups and downs. However, occasionally, after all, can not be forever. Life is so, love

and marriage is the same. Life, my real feelings are: pain, but still happy. Buddhism has words: no Bodhi tree,

nor stand mirror; did not, where can the dust stained. Since the already live together, we must abide by the

rules of this little world. Violation and betrayal of even the desecration of all the family's contempt and

denied. Maybe three minutes of video chat for you nothing, but when she saw you Guangzhuobangzai (even if it is

a hot day) appeared in another video on her, what her feelings are self-evident! And when you do because of her

labor all day, feeding your baby son, while ignoring the top of your sexual desire, you will be milking her as

one of the bull, or a good obedient only lamb, or you the ideal partner? Perhaps the answer will be because

every bloody man presented vastly different personality differences. However, achieving the same, when you

sincerely for his hard work and commitment and with a smile, and the issues proposed to her to take, and said,

"Nothing, tonight does not matter ... ..." may each a woman in the world did the mother will be sincerely

exudes a charming smile, which will enable them to become more beautiful and mature, philosophical self-

confidence. Moved, due to you my understanding and respect. Make her happy, and I believe can make you happy.

This is the touching charm!
if I lost you to know that I exist;

if I shed tears you can see my scars;

if I give up you can see my pay;

whether I Silence can you hear me?

Why should forget that a person is more difficult than like a person;

Why do good things always short, the story ends, or say goodbye.

bitter tears down the face to leave quietly, at night, alone against the wall;

heart, who can know the pain it can do is smile surface;

when the story ends no longer talk about you, love you leave time to deal with frustration, to accompany you

for a way to let his love in a dream and want to clear both sides of the real, not the intersection.

your search in the vicissitudes of life, I wordless in turn, we, after all, back to their world.

I love you so, knowing that they are not your memories.

If one day you can go to my heart, you will cry, because there are all the sadness you gave me.

If one day I can go to your heart, I will cry, because there you do not care all!

finally see her play the role, and finally see MBT Shoes Clearanceyour heart, your heart, I just had a sort of puppet Bale.

have a person there will always be unforgettable on the doomed! She moved into your heart, my love, homeless!

painful than the last, but remember,

look back bits of the past, this feeling is like an hourglass, even that they have invested too much to pay a

bit more, it will be a little bit of sand or flowing away and finally in his grasp, only breeze, and the wind

had done its own tears!

people only love will make you laugh the most sweet, but also let you hurt the most true!

sad memories also of course a good, better than this point only, on the bottom of my heart collection ever, at

least, I have reason to smile!

are confronted with daily life experience that dreams are reality, there lies a day and I feel alone with only

the mirror and only know how her poor heart!

like you, is a pain, faint! Do not often come, but get rid of.

finally woke up from a dream, to understand the willing! Willing, there are homes have too, know the true

happiness is to put down!

for some reason, so you have to give up just giving up and not give up love you, I did not love others, I was

too painful.

give you, will not give up on your love, as long as I am of the day, I will not give up my love for you.
asked a woman to our lives? Precisely because the river flows to the east!

Being unable to do a good job is difficult, more difficult to be a successful person! Being unable to say no

sense of life, that how can anything meaningful? Blood donation or subsidy to poor students, or to orphanages

and homes for the elderly as a volunteer? These are certainly interesting problem is a person's energy is

limited, the environment will decide everything. Moreover, it is not real life, these things just do enough,

every day for chores and trouble, and for theMBT Shoes Sale daily necessities to fight, fame, hey! Helpless ah!

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